To download and install your ZookaWare Pro subscription on your first computer, additional computer or new computer simply click the button above, enter your email and your ZookaWare Pro download link will be immediately emailed to you.

Your ZookaWare Pro download link is unique to you and you will use the same download link for all your computers that your subscription is valid for (5, 10 or 15 computers).

After you download ZookaWare Pro using your download link you can look to the top left corner of ZookaWare and it will say "ZookaWare Pro" so you know your computer is being secured and optimized!

Free Unlimited Downloads For Life!

You are welcome to unlimited free ZookaWare Pro downloads for the lifetime of your subscription using your unique download link. Note that ZookaWare Pro is limited to the number of computers your subscription is valid for at any one time.

Sharing Your Subscription

Your ZookaWare Pro subscription can be shared with members of your household for use on their computers at home, work or school.

Looking for an Activation Code?

ZookaWare replaced its activation codes with a simple download link that downloads ZookaWare Pro to your computer with no additional steps or activation codes required!

Removing a Computer From Your Subscription

Simply uninstall ZookaWare Pro from your computer and that computer is removed from your subscription freeing it up to use ZookaWare Pro on a new computer!

If you have further questions about how ZookaWare Pro subscriptions work please contact us in the chat widget to the right side of this page and we are here daily to solve all your questions!


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