ZookaWare Pro is a yearly auto renewal subscription. Your subscription includes support for 5, 10 or 15 computers (depending on your plan), free transfer to a new computer at any time, monthly software updates, daily spyware updates and daily American based support.

More details about setting up a new computer, second computer and transferring to a new computer can be found here

Our payment processor emails you one week prior to billing your yearly subscription fee and a receipt email upon billing your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by replying to the emails, email us at support@zookaware.com or send us a live chat. If you have any questions, or issues that are causing you to think about cancelling your subscription lets chat and figure out how to make it right for you first!

Manage Your Subscription

You can manage your ZookaWare Pro yearly subscription by opening ZookaWare Pro and click the "Help" link in the top header. In this screen you'll see how many computers your subscription is activated on, your ZookaWare Pro download link, your subscription renewal date and a link to update your payment information.

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