Scan - Free and Pro

The junk file, registry issue and tracking cookie scan is free. Removing items found requires an upgrade to ZookaWare Pro.

Spyware scan and daily spyware updates require an upgrade to ZookaWare Pro

You're welcome to try a 15 day free trial of ZookaWare Pro.

Optimizer - Free Forever
Displays all programs set to run at Windows startup and browsers. Removing unwanted or programs you don't use speeds up startup and the programs running, while decreasing the CPU and memory usage while running your computer. 

ZookaWare displays ratings for safe and unknown items in this section to make it easier to decide what to keep and remove.

Tuneup - Free Forever
Registry tuneup defrags your registry. Windows has a built in hard drive defragment, but not one for the registry. This optimizes your registry and helps it run faster. 

Uninstall - monitors for programs that are uninstalled and leave files or registry entries on your computer, it shows a notification and allows you to remove those for free. It also can uninstall programs with a broken or corrupted uninstaller.

Hardware analyzer - helps diagnose issues with greater detail than Windows provides

Tools - Free Forever
File Shredder - with options for 3, 7 and 35 overwrites in both a search and right click functions for easy shredding.

Drive Shredder - with options for 3, 7 and 35 overwrites.

System Report - displays everything running on your computer. This is a more advanced feature that can manually remove malware if there is no antispyware/antivirus program that detects it

Options - Free and Pro

Free > Here you can update ZookaWare manually for free and view more detailed information like your history.

Pro > Scheduler - automates ZookaWare features.

ZookaWare releases new software versions every 2-4 weeks with bug fixes, more free and Pro features all can be downloaded manually in the free version or automatically in the Pro version. 

While ZookaWare has many great features free forever, the Pro version also is a great deal for only $29.95 per year it covers up to 5 computers.

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