How does a ZookaWare Pro subscription work?

ZookaWare Pro is a yearly subscription that covers up to 5, 10 or 15 computers depending on your selected plan. After your purchase you will receive a download link that downloads ZookaWare Pro on up to the number of computers your subscription was purchased for at any one time.

Your ZookaWare Pro download link is valid for unlimited downloads for the lifetime of your subscription!

You can remove a computer from your subscription by uninstalling ZookaWare Pro. This allows you to move ZookaWare Pro to a new computer at any time. This is totally free and no need to contact us!

You can view our full documentation about our subscriptions and access your ZookaWare Pro download link 24/7 here

How Can I Trust You?

ZookaWare's an American based business started in 2004 to secure and optimize your computer. ZookaWare is whitelisted by all major antivirus programs, meeting their most stringent requirements for safety and security.

We follow all Microsoft, Clean Software Alliance and antivirus guidelines to ensure a smooth install and compatibility with your other programs.

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You can read more about our company values and what sets us apart from the competition on ZookaWare's About Page.

Why Does Another Program Have Different Results than ZookaWare?

ZookaWare's focus is solely on removing items you don't want on your computer. We do not remove all cookies (like the ones that keep you logged into your favorite forum, or verify your computer with your banks website). We do remove tracking cookies that are useless to you and simply track you to display ads or perform annoying tasks for you.

Other programs will detect all cookies to inflate their numbers, but then after removal you have to login again to your forum or go through additional security measures with your banks website. We think this is illogical to make your computer more difficult to use simply to inflate what we find.

We go into more detail about how we choose what to detect and handle our results here

Does ZookaWare Support Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone?

ZookaWare supports Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. ZookaWare is not compatible with Windows XP, Apple products, tablets or mobile. 

Is ZookaWare Compatible with Antivirus?

Yes, ZookaWare is compatible with your antivirus. ZookaWare is whitelisted with all major antivirus companies including AVG, Avast, Bitdefender, Comodo, Cylance, Cyren, GData, Eset, Webroot, Norton, Mcafee, Malwarebytes, Palo Alto Networks, Quickheal and others. This means ZookaWare passed their most rigorous requirements and is proven safe. ZookaWare will safely run on your computer along with your favorite antivirus program, these programs will not cause a conflict. 

We check ZookaWare on the top 70 antivirus programs weekly to ensure they don't detect ZookaWare. If there ever is a rare false positive, we make sure its resolved quickly.

Is ZookaWare Antivirus?

ZookaWare is not an antivirus program. We remove junk files, registry issues, tracking cookies and spyware. Plus we offer additional tools for securing and optimizing your computer that are beyond what antivirus software performs.

Whats Included With ZookaWare Pro?

Your ZookaWare Pro yearly subscription includes ZookaWare Pro software for 5, 10 or 15 computers, software updates every 2-4 weeks, all new features we release, daily spyware updates plus daily American based email and live chat support.

ZookaWare Pro Free Trial?

Yes, we have a 15 day free trial of ZookaWare Pro! No credit card or commitment required!

What's Included in ZookaWare Free?

ZookaWare Free is free forever! Manual updates are included for free. While ZookaWare Pro offers automatic updates.

ZookaWare Free does not include: removal function of scanner, spyware updates, Scheduler or support. These are exclusive to ZookaWare Pro. All other features are free forever! Plus we actively add new features to ZookaWare Free and ZookaWare Pro.

ZookaWare Free includes over 20 free features forever and you can read more about ZookaWare Free's features here

60 Day Refund Policy

ZookaWare offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all purchases including new purchases and yearly subscription payments. Your entire purchase price including any tax will be refunded in less than 24 hours (usually much faster) of your refund request via live chat or email. 

Yearly Subscription Policy

ZookaWare is a yearly subscription that can be canceled any time. You are under no obligation to continue your subscription. Your subscription can be canceled from the live chat widget on the thank you page displayed after your purchase, through live chat on any page on our site or email us at and your subscription will be cancelled no questions asked within 24 hours of your request.

I'm Ready to Download ZookaWare!

Awesome! Download ZookaWare Here

I'm Ready to Buy ZookaWare Pro

We love you! You can place your ZookaWare Pro Purchase Here

I Have Another Question - How do I Contact You?

Please contact us in our live chat widget on the right side of your screen or email us at and we're happy to help! We're here daily to solve all your questions!

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