ZookaWare has silent anonymous bug reporting built into it and we release new versions every 2-4 weeks with bug fixes, updates and new features. Once in a while this reporting does not report all bugs or you may be experiencing an issue that's exclusive to your computer or settings. In cases like this sending us the Windows Event Viewer log shows all application crashes, hangs and other information directly from Windows that helps us diagnose and fix your issue.

If you have any trouble or questions about sending the Event Viewer log please contact us on the chat widget on the right side of this page and we'll help you out with it or we can remotely access your computer and grab the report from your computer in about a minute.

  1. In the bottom left corner of your screen click the start button and then type: "event viewer" without the quotes. Then click on "Event Viewer" as outlined in red below. 

2. If prompted by the User Account Control, click Continue

3. Event Viewer is now open. In the top left corner click on the right facing arrow next to "Windows Logs"

4.  With the Windows Logs section expanded click on "Application"

5.  On the right side of Event Viewer > click "Save Events As..."

6. The Save As dialog is now open.
a. Using the left panel select where you want to save the file

b. Enter a name in the "File name:" field towards the bottom

c. Click Save

7. Depending on your computer you may or may not see this dialog box. If you see it follow these directions.

a. select "Display information for these languages:"

b. check the box for "English (United States)"

c. click the "Ok" button

8. The Windows event viewer log is now saved in the location you selected in step 5. Please send this log file to us using one of these 3 options:

a. Attach it to your support email and reply

b. Email it as an attachment to support@zookaware.com

c. Attach it to our chat icon on the right side of this page. Simply click the widget > Click "Send us a message" > use the paperclip icon to upload the report to us > enter your email so we know how to contact you.

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